Lawn Care Program

We recommend 5 treatments throughout the grass growing season.

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Fertilizer to encourage growth and health of grass. Weed and insect controls to protect the grass. We will treat your lawn throughout the season year after year unless you notify us to discontinue.

March – Early April

  • Crabgrass preventer & fertilizer.
  • This application prevents germination of annual weed grasses and stimulates healthy grass root development.

Late April – May

  • Fertilizer & broadleaf control.
  • This application strengthens turf and controls broadleaf weeds.

June – July

  • Fertilizer & broadleaf control. Application is for maintaining color and weed control.
  • Additional treatment for grub control can also be applied if needed.

September – Early October

  • Fertilizer & brodleaf control.
  • Heavy feeding, helps deep root growth and weed control.

November – December

  • Winterizer application helps deep root growth.
  • Helps promote early spring greenup.
  • Additional Lawncare Programs Available. Call for Details!
  • Good lawn care practices


Proper watering is very important. Most lawns need 1 to 1.5 inches of water per week. Proper watering can be the difference between a green healthy lawn or a brown dry lawn. Watering should be done in the early morning hours. This will help prevent grass disease.


Mowing properly is very important. Lawns that are mowed too short can burn up fast from high temperatures, and the grass roots will have problems growing deep and strong. Most lawns should only be cut at 3 to 3.5inches. This helps provide shade to the ground and the roots of the grass. The grass can stay green and healthy longer.